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Look for Less: Jeffrey Campbell!

By Lei   |    August 24, 2011 12:00 pm    |   FASHION, LOOK FOR LESS, style   |    2 Comments

We love all Jeffrey Campbell styles, but our favorite of all time has to be the JC Lita Platform Booites. The towering heel, varied colors/patterns, and versatility to go from casual to glam just screams “TAKE ME HOME!”

I can’t, however, justify paying $160 + per pair. When fashion is constantly changing, what’s in today is not tomorrow. And although we hope with our whole heart that we’ll be rocking our Lita’s well into the future, chances are there will soon be another chic shoe that will make us swoon just as hard.

Our motto? Spend major cash on classic staples that will always be in style, and skimp a bit on the fad pieces that may not necessarily stick around for the long haul! Needless to say, after ogling the Lita Platforms on Nasty Gal and resigning myself too poor to dish out the cash for them, I was super stoked when I stumbled across the Lita’s more frugal doppelganger on GoJane!

I’m proud to say that I now own these beauties in several colors and they are the STAPLE around which I am planning my fall wardrobe! The resemblance is uncanny!

(click to zoom)

From top left: JC Lita Platform Boot- Taupe, JC Foxy Pump- Leopard, JC Lita Platform Boot- Glitter, Go Jane- Lace-up Platform Bootie- Glitter, Go Jane- Peep-toe T-strap Platform- Leopard, Go Jane- Lace-up Suede Platform- Taupe

Show some leg!

By Lei   |    October 1, 2010 4:36 pm    |   FASHION, Shopping, style   |    1 Comment

(click to zoom)

We are obsessed with this adorable skirt from our favorite haunt, NastyGal. Not only is it totally chic, but looks uber comfy! Needless to say, this look makes our covet list for fall!



Look for Less: Dolce Vita!

By Lei   |    September 27, 2010 1:36 pm    |   DEALS AND STEALS!, FASHION, Shopping, style   |    2 Comments

We here at CLCC just love a good bargain, and where it pertains to anything chic and stylish we are always on board to share! Check out these FAB pumps we found at Compared to their Dolce Vita counterparts they are just a STEAL!

(click to zoom) Left: Dolce Vita- Hayward Pump, $155.25, Right: Alloy- Parker Wedge, $32.90,

P.S… Our favorite style maven Kim Kardashian had everyone racing to their nearest Dolce Vita retailer after popularizing the Josey Zipper boot last year, and after spotting her in the Hayward Pump on a recent episode of “Keeping Up…” we’re sure that these are going to be all the rage this season!

Chic Boutique: Sunday Brunch

By Lei   |    September 3, 2010 12:02 am    |   FASHION, Shopping, style   |    1 Comment

I’m not really a wear-the-pants kind of girl, and throwing a combo outfit together (i.e, skirt, top, hose, shoes..) is always too much work for me. I’m a dress girl, the sheer femininity of a beautiful dress coupled with the no-nonsense factor (you just slip one on with a fab pair of shoes.. maybe some printed tights if the occasion calls for it.. and out the door you go!) makes the “dress” my item of choice for any occasion where I want to look a little jazzy.

With that, I’m always on the hunt for a new dress shop to help me pile more dresses into my already-too-packed closet! I recently stumbled upon the Sunday Brunch dress shop, and fell head over heals. Finally-a site dedicated to beautiful, quality crafted dresses- essentially, your one-stop-shop for the quintessential frock!

I recently had the opportunity to touch base with shop owner Judy Kou, and got the skinny on this unique boutique! The store had it’s launch March, 2009 after Kou decided to put med-school on hold and chase her frock-filled dreams to open a dress shop. Since it’s debut a short year and a half ago, the store and website (which includes Kou’s blog and a rather snazzy/chic art gallery) have seen immediate success, being featured in Nylon Magazine, Lucky Magazine, and on one of our favorite websites,

Featuring an abundance of known and emerging designers, the Sunday Brunch dress shop is a plethora of chic/feminine style. So what’s next for Kou now that she’s conquered the world of online shopping? Why, opening up a physical store in NYC of course!  “I want it to happen magically, kind of how Sunday Brunch happened in the first place,” she says. “When the time is right and the stars are aligned and I feel like I’ll be able to fully translate the feel and purpose of the website into a physical space.”

OK, so we may not be able to pop into a Sunday Brunch store in the Big Apple anytime soon, but I can manage to keep myself just as happy browsing the adorable looks on the website from the comfort of my couch :) . Check out some of our fave finds below, and be sure to visit the store for new looks and sales on spring/summer stock!

(click to zoom) Clockwise from top left: Mulcair Cherry Bomb Dress, Kirribilla Little Bow Peep Dress, Camilla & Marc Zahra Dress, Keemia Audrey Dress, IVANAhelsinki Safari Alexis Dress

Clockwise from top left: Mulcair Cherry Bomb Dress, Kirribilla Little Bow Peep Dress, Camilla & Marc Zahra Dress, Keemia Audrey Dress, IVANAhelsinki Safari Alexis Dress




By Lei   |    June 25, 2010 10:12 am    |   FASHION, SHOPPING/LIFESTYLE, style, Uncategorized   |    3 Comments

Every fashionista knows that it’s never too early to get a jump on next season’s wardrobe and although it’s only June, CLCC’s radar is on the look out for fall 2010’s hottest trends and most anticipated arrivals. After scouring the internet, and tapping some of our trusted resources, CLCC’s first fall preview comes from one of our favorite brands, Aryn K.

Aryn K made its debut in Fall 2008, and was welcomed by the fashion community with open arms. In its short existence, the brand has grabbed the attention of retailers and style mavens across the country, being noted not just for its stylish east-meets-west design, but for it’s affordability and quality production.

I first stumbled upon Aryn K last summer after purchasing an embellished tunic from my favorite webshop- NastyGal and have been obsessed ever since. We recently got a peak at the Fall collection, and immediately started making additions to our (already mile-long) fall covet list!

The sheer femininity of their designs and timeless variation of their pieces makes Aryn K a staple for every fashion addict’s wardrobe. Gathering inspiration from magazines, art, and vintage, the fall collection features an array of embellished tops, structured blazers, and detailed bottoms versatile enough to go from day to night with ease- perfect for the on-the-go style maven.

The line is available in store across the country from Kitson Boutique in West L.A., to Azelea Boutique in NYC. And with prices retailing under $150 you can indulge, guilt-free, and pack your closet to the brim with sassy essentials for those breezy Fall months.

Check out some of our favorite Fall pieces below, and don’t forget to be on the look out for new Aryn K pieces at webshops like Piperlime, Nasty Gal and ModCloth.

(click to zoom)

Dying for more? Check out the Aryn K website for additional autum looks!

Kiss Kiss-


By Lei   |    2:51 am    |   FASHION, Shopping, SHOPPING/LIFESTYLE, style   |    3 Comments

With all of the controversy surrounding the pending Debrahlee Lorenzana gender-discrimination law-suit filed against Citigroup, we can’t help but wonder about the evolution of the modern-day corporate dress code, and what is deemed “work appropriate.”

Naturally, the definition of “work attire” varies depending on the nature/industry of your business, but there are some very basic rules, that my momma always taught me to follow when considering what to wear for a day on the job.

First and foremost- appearance is everything! If you value yourself and take your job seriously, it should be reflected in everything you do, including your wardrobe! This means that under no set of circumstances should you show up to work in board-shorts and chancletas… unless your a lifeguard (in which case you should be wearing water-socks anyway)! There are plenty of ways to make business attire seasonally appropriate. Try adding some color to an otherwise bland wardrobe like this royal blue combo above, or mix a plain suit with a printed top and colorful accessories for a look that is both business chic and appropriate for spring.

Secondly- micro-miniskirts and cleavage are a definite NO-NO! No matter how many strides we’ve taken towards making men and women equals in the workplace, these two fashion moves scream “bimbo!” To be taken seriously, and have your work evaluated on the basis of professionalism, it is best to tell your tata’s to shut it, and let your performance speak for itself. So what do you do when the weather is nice and your in the mood to show some leg? Try a knee-length pencil skirt with a matching blazer, or for a fun yet professional look, try a full skirt paired with a minimalist top and sports jacket like the outfit shown above.

Third- Shorts, when done tastefully are appropriate for a day in the office. If I would have asked my mom 15 years ago if shorts were appropriate for work, she probably would have laughed in my face! But as fashion has evolved so has the acceptance of shorts in the work-place. Generally speaking, when fitting shorts into your wardrobe, be wary of lengths- butt cleavage is NOT attractive! As a rule of thumb, if you even have to question the length, they’re probably too short! If your brave enough to try the look, try this modern spin on the business suit, above.

Fourth- Save the constricting gear for Wednesday nights at Latin Quarters! No one wants to see your chichos, guess if your wearing a thong or just going commando. Spandex, Lycra, and sometimes even Jersey can be just a bit too form fitting, and accent the wrong ASSets. When shopping for work gear, stick to cotton/polyester blends, linens, etc. These fabrics are tailored to flatter most figures, and don’t make you look like last night’s left-overs. Our favorite suiting and business attire is from Victoria’s Secret- their cotton-stretch pieces are stylish, flirty, and scream “ I mean business!” take a peak at some of our faves above.

Last but not least- When in doubt, go the dress route! Dresses are an easy solution for those days when your in a pinch for time, or those lazy Monday mornings when you just don’t have the energy to put together an entire ensemble. Pair a sheath or wrap dress with your favorite heels for a throw and go look like the one above. Or, if your up for a little layering try a structured maxi dress with a blazer for a comfy yet work appropriate get-up!

To shop the looks above, head on over to, the one-stop-shop for fun and affordable business attire.

Coming soon: Reader's Closet!

By Lei   |    June 12, 2010 1:50 am    |   ACCESSORIES, FASHION, Shopping, style   |    1 Comment






Mad about you: Rachel Roy

By Lei   |    May 11, 2010 8:57 pm    |   FASHION, Shopping, style   |    2 Comments

Everyone knows her story. A tale of hard work and dedication, Rachel Roy’s career has been one of intern to “it” girl. From her humble beginnings at Rocawear to the launch of her two namesake brands and a collaboration with Jones Apparel Group INC., her climb is one that is envied by every girl who ever dreamed of working in fashion.

I have been a follower of the Rachel Roy brand since it took off in 2005, and have always wanted to sport one of her coveted sophisti-chic looks… but alas, on a poor girl ‘s salary there was no hope in sight- until 2008 that is, when word of the RACHEL Rachel Roy diffusion brand hit the street.

The equally chic/stylish line hit Macy’s stores exclusively in August 2009, and because of its lower price point has alloted income-deficient style mavens, like myself, the opportunity to jump on the Rachel Roy style wagon.

What we love most about the brand is its versatility and ability to transcend the generational gap. The pieces in each collection can transition from day to night with ease; and look equally as ravishing on the budding twenty-somethings as they do on the well marinated but stylish thirty-somethings.

I recently had a gander at the online store on Roy’s website and am absolutely obsessed with the Spring/Summer collection which, in short, is a compilation of every hot trend predicted for the season. Rachel’s recipe for temporal style combines soft fabrics and rich colored jumpsuits/rompers, brightly colored mini dresses and energetic prints, and a dash of ruffles and draped material. Feast your peepers on some of  the looks below!

Clockwise from left: Mini Fringe Dress, Bubble Sleeve Romper, Scarf Illusion Dress, Lattice Dress With Wacky Placket, Lattice Drop Waist Jumper, Double Breasted Jacket Stapled Blouse

So what more could a devoted consumer ask of a designer?…… Why- adorable accessories of course. No worries ladies, the creative genius has that market covered as well! From strappy sandals and embellished handbags, to statement jewelry and printed scarves, the RACHEL Rachel Roy collection has an arsenal of fashionable products that will have you looking youthfully edgy yet uptown-chic from head to toe! My virtual closet on is full to the brim with essentials that I just can’t wait to purchase.

EXTRA!- Check out the behind the scenes footage from the Spring 2010 lookbook which features two of our favorite Latinas, Nina Sky. Always on the cutting edge of fashion, we can’t say that we’re surprised that they were chosen to model the collection!